All images by my favorite, Olivia Strohm

I am a photographer and writer who follows jesus.

I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for Jesus. I wouldn't be creating like I am if it wasn't for Jesus. He's my firm foundation and through His goodness alone, I am here.

I picked up my first camera in high school. 35mm Minolta. It was my dad's and he handled it with care. He trusted I'd treat this camera like it were my own and I did. I carried it on me wherever i wandered.

i've since learned that there is something different in the way i look at the world. something unique in the way my eyes compose a photo. an otherwise ordinary scene becomes captivating to me and i can't look away. the shutter fires in my head and my heart fills with life. the emotion that comes from this place is indescribable. this feeling is what propels me to continue creating. continue challenging myself. to continue growing. 

there have been many times where i have wanted to hang up my camera and never look back. moments where fear was like a fog. but god has relentlessly called me to keep going. and sweetly reminded me that i can. i can.

there is nothing more exciting than dreaming and creating from a place without limitation. I believe i've been called to document life both through photographs and through my writing. 



My deepest hope and desire is that my photographs and words portray my whole heart and yours.

I would love to learn more about you and your ideas

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